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Doctor Delivers Own Baby in Parking Lot of Broward Health Medical Center

Well now, here's a story to warm your Thanksgiving cockles.

An orthopedic resident at Broward Health Medical Center delivered his own son while in the emergency-room parking lot.

Dr. Timothy Hawkes was forced to make the delivery before getting to the hospital when he realized the baby was crowning.

His and his wife's other two children, a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old, were in the back seat encouraging their mother during the delivery.

Around midnight Tuesday, Hawkes' wife Katelin's water broke. On their way to the hospital, Hawkes made the call to the hospital as he coached the missus and drove down Interstate 595.

But Dr. Baby Hawkes ain't care and was ready to come into the world and began to crown miles before the family reached the hospital.

Hawkes pulled into the ER parking lot but knew there was just no way they would make it out the car door, let alone into the hospital doors. He remembered that he's a doctor so decided to deliver his own son with his other kids in the back seat.

"It was a tense situation," Hawkes told CBS4. "We drove, and I was holding a little back pressure on the baby while we were going, and right as we pulled into the ER parking lot, I could feel the face start to emerge and I knew that at that point that the baby was coming."

"If anyone had to be in the car with me at that point, I'm glad it was Tim," said Katelin. "I felt fine. I wasn't worried about that aspect but was more worried that I had two other children in the back seat."

The Hawkes' named their newborn son Liam, which is a badass name.

People named Liam beat up bad guys and punch wolves in the face. They also wait for no one.

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