Dodge Charger Goes Knight Rider at Boynton Beach Car Wash

A Dodge Charger apparently decided to play Knight Rider's KITT at a Boynton Beach car wash yesterday when a man was "thrown" from the car and it kept on going, according to Boynton Beach police.

The cops say a 68-year-old employee of the Main Street Car Wash in Boynton Beach was driving a white Dodge Charger out of the car-wash bay to be dried, but somehow the car managed to leave the business completely.

The man pressed down on the gas, and the car spun 360 degrees. In the process, the car went through some bushes and landed on East Boynton Beach Boulevard.

While on Boynton Beach Boulevard, police say the vehicle went into another 360-degree spin, resulting in the man's being "thrown" out of the car and onto the street.

Driverless, the car completed another 360-degree rotation in the middle of the street.

That's when a 22-year-old man who was driving by jumped out of his car and into the driver's seat of the Charger and brought the car to a stop.

Police say the 68-year-old man "thrown" from the Charger was taken to Delray Medical Center with serious injuries, although he is in stable condition.

If you happened to see the newest Knight Rider remake taking place at the car wash, the cops ask that you call Traffic Homicide Investigator Peter Picciano at 561-742-6114.

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