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Does Stacy Ritter Work for Russ Klenet?

Not officially, she doesn't. But reporter Scott Wyman just noticed that the Broward mayor's picture appears on the Klenet & Associates website just as much as Klenet's. The two are married, of course. So it wouldn't be a scandal if, say, Klenet posted a single picture of himself with Ritter on a bio page.

But check out the "News Gallery" part of the site and you'll see pictures of just Ritter and President Barack Obama. Those are totally pointless photos if Ritter has no role in Klenet's firm. She's a public official, so she can't help Klenet clients get close to the prez, right?

But the photos aren't pointless. They're clearly promotional. And the inescapable conclusion is that Klenet is using his wife's public position to advance his private firm. And Ritter's going along with the plan. Brazen.

[Hat tip to the Sun-Sentinel Politics Blog]

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