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Dog and Cat Sales Regulation Bill Up for Vote

If you want to sell a cat or dog in Florida, you may have to whip out a certificate proving that you're allowed to do so, because a bill up for a vote in the Legislature regulating the sale of dogs and cats in Florida is a go.

The bill (House bill 1257 and Senate bill 1614), drafted by Rep. Jared Moskowitz (Broward County) and sponsored by Sen. Eleanor Sobel (Broward County), would require breeders and sellers alike to pass certain veterinary inspections and tests, such as vaccines and worming, and have a certificate accompany each dog or cat transported into the state for sale.

If passed, the law will require a seller -- and buyer -- to have certificate of inspection.

This certificate must show the animal's age, sex, breed, color, and health records. It would also be required to have info on where the animal was bought from -- the seller (and the buyer), the animal's breeder, and info on the vet who examined the animal.

The sale of cats and dogs are already prohibited in certain places in Florida.

For example, you can't be selling (or buying) dogs and cats alongside a highway (which is a pretty damned sketchy place to be buying a pet, anyway).

Other places pet sales are prohibited: flea markets, any kind of a public parking lot, public parks, public playgrounds, public swimming pools, and other public recreational areas.

The bill would not apply to the Humane Society, animal control units, or any organization of the like, since they have their own laws and regulations in place anyway.

However, breeders and sellers would be required to obtain the certificate if they plan on selling someone a pet. Also, they'd be subject to an inspection by the Department of Agriculture, Consumer Services, and other law enforcement agencies, if things seem shady.

There are some exceptions in the bill, but the bottom line is to make sure people don't just drive down an alley, grab themselves a feral cat, put a bow on its head, and then sell it to someone just like that.

Of course, this is Florida, and people always find a way around the rules.

I got some sweet dogs for sell, bro. Sure they mangy and probably never had a single vaccine, but hey, they're only five bucks a pop!

So, this bill will at least tighten the leash (PUN!!) on these kinds of shenanigans.

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