Dolphins' Cameron Wake Out for the Year With Torn Achilles

The worst thing about Thursday night's 36-7 massacre at the hands of the New England Patriots was losing Pro Bowl defensive end Cameron Wake to an injury. And now things have gone from bad to pitch-dark bleak, as it's being reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter this morning that Wake's Achilles is torn, effectively ending his season.
In the third quarter of the game, Wake, going in to sack Tom Brady, suddenly felt like he couldn't put weight on his foot. He collapsed and stayed on the ground as team doctors looked him over. From the beginning, the team feared it was an Achilles injury, though the severity of the injury wasn't immediately apparent.

"I would feel horrible, and I know his teammates would too, if that's the case," Head Coach Dan Campbell said about Wake during his postgame news conference. "We'll see what happens with this. But if you lost a guy like Cam, it would hurt. Not only is he a leader but he's a very productive player."
The 33-year-old Wake has been a ferocious pass rusher for the Dolphins and has clearly been their best and most important player on the defensive side of the ball. He's been elected to the Pro Bowl from 2012 to 2014. 

After a slow start to this season, Wake had been back to his elite level, recording nine sacks in three games, including two against Brady on Thursday night.

The saddest part of all is that, given his age and the nature of the injury, we may have seen Cam Wake play for the Dolphins for the last time in his career. 
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Chris Joseph
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