Dolphins' Celebrity Owners Will Sell You a Roof Now

A cast of celebrities who are now minority owners in our Miami Dolphins aren't ready to let Land Shark Stadium lose its cachet as a Super Bowl destination. Yesterday, team management made a pitch to the South Florida media in hopes of convincing local governments to subsidize $250 million in renovations they say would keep Land Shark competitive with other stadiums for America's biggest sporting spectacle. But someone must make a pitch to Joe Public, and that's where Fergie and a Miami Dolphins cheerleader outfit come in. This video was shown in the stadium during the Don Shula 80th birthday celebration last Sunday, and it just debuted on YouTube this morning:

Silly. But if Dolphins management don't get their way, I fear the next video will show majority owner Stephen Ross wearing the same outfit. Suddenly, a quarter-billion doesn't sound so bad, does it?


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