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Dolphins Defeat Rams 17-14, Are Now Tied For First Place In Their Division

The Dolphins are 3-3 and locked into a four-way tie with the rest of the AFC East. Which means either the Dolphins are good again, or the AFC East really, really sucks.

Either way. While 3-3 is as mediocre as it gets in the NFL, it's still a vast improvement from the dog shit canon that used to be the Miami Dolphins football franchise.

Still. A win is a win. And Miami now has three of them. 

High-fives all around!

- Ryan Tannehill continues to show us his balls every week. And they are very big.

- Good win and all. But, realistically speaking, the Rams are pure unadulterated ass. Miami needed a few breaks to go their way, and they got it in the form of St. Louis committing a shitload of penalties and turnovers, and their kicker booting the football like it was a wet cat.

- Jeff Fisher fucked his team's chances of winning right in the ear as much as his team did. With 8 minutes remaining in the game, the Rams scored a TD and 2-point conversion to cut the deficit to three. They then were able to move the ball 49 yards with time expiring. But, on a fourth-and-7 at the Miami 48-yard line, with 30 seconds remaining, Fisher decided to trot out his rookie kicker, Greg Zuerlein, to attempt a pretty-much-impossible 66-yard field goal, rather than going for it and trying to get his team in a better spot. Had the kick been made, it would have been an NFL record. Instead, Zuerlein missed -- of course -- and Miami held on for the three-point victory. Jeff Fisher butthurt his own football team. Don't butthurt your own football team, Jeff Fisher.

- The Dolphins were outrushed 162-19, and Rams quarterback Sam Bradford threw for more yards than Tannehill. This game made no goddamn sense.

- Cameron Wake has 6.5 sacks on the season. After starting things off slowly and getting no sacks, the Kraken has been on an asswrecking tear.

- Nice touchdown catch by Marlon Moore. But it was mainly because the Rams secondary got dicked by the play-action and allowed Moore wide open pasture to roam and wait for Tannehill's pass. Not to piss all over the good times, but Miami's receiving corps is still shit. And against a real team, this could bite them in the ass. Especially with the running game sputtering the way it has.

- Chancletas almost broke Sam Bradford.

- Turns out Scooby Doo villain Joe Philbin is also a decent post-game speech maker. His quirky pauses and inability to control the volume nob on his voice make for an interesting and pseudo-inspiring speech. It's a far cry from Tony Sparano's rambling messy speeches that went nowhere and were peppered with "K," every other word. Sparano was out of his element as an NFL head coach. Philbin looks right at home. He's gangly, goofy, doesn't like all that damn cursing and likes to see a clean locker room (PICK UP THAT GUM WRAPPER), but the guy is proving to be a pretty good head coach. 

- The Dolphins enter their Bye week 3-3, and errrrbody is in first place. The Patriots, the Jets, the Bills and the Dolphins. Who would've thought that at the beginning of the season?? It's bananas. 

Can you explain it, coach Philbin?





- Reggie still looks dinged up. Get right during the bye week, LaMontelle. 

- This team is love/hate like no other. But at 3-3, a return to mediocrity and a decent looking future, it's hard not to fall back in love with this fucking team. Let's hope all this winning (all three of them!) is not an aberration. The Dolphins are giving fans something to feel good about again. Don't fuck it up, Dolphins.

For now.... We enjoy the ride...

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