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Dolphins Draft DeVante Parker: Killer Choice

The Miami Dolphins didn't screw up the draft. 

In fact, they got themselves a human wrecking ball of justice who will annihilate opposing defenses and make defensive coordinators down Pepto like Coca-Cola. They got themselves a man who can not only catch any pass, but leave corners and safeties in his wake a smoldering hunk of charred, melted flesh.

With the 14th overall pick in Thursday's first round of the NFL Draft, the Dolphins selected standout wide receiver DeVante Parker from the University of Louisville. For a team that has seemingly picked a fat guy every year, this was not only a refreshing turn of events; it may be the best pick the Fins have had in a long, long time.

Parker comes into the NFL as one of the three best wide receiver prospects coming out of college and immediately fills a huge need for a team lacking in explosive playmakers.

“We couldn't be more happy to add him to our Dolphins family,” Dolphins General Manager Dennis Hickey told the media Thursday night. “He can really impact us on the outside, impact us in the red zone. We added a quality player to our team.”

While picking 14th usually means getting a middling player who may or may not pan out, the fact that Parker missed the first seven games of his senior year with a foot injury may have scared off other teams. And that played right into Miami's hands.

When he did return to the field, all Parker did was explode for five 100-yard receiving performances in six games, even with a not-so-great quarterback was throwing at him, with is the balls. THE BALLS. 

At six-foot-three, 209 pounds, with big hands and blazing speed, Parker gives the Dolphins a guy who can not only outrun defenses but can score touchdowns — something the Dolphins have not been great at in about two decades now.

The one thing scouts have consistently pointed out about Parker is that he's at his best when the ball is in the air. Using his size and wingspan, he has an uncanny ability to snatch passes out of the air seemingly from anywhere it's thrown. He's fast and dynamic after the catch as well, with speed that can stretch the field. And this is excellent news for Ryan Tannehill, who already has outstanding second-year receiver Jarvis Landry and veteran Greg Jennings to throw to.

"We're happy we're bringing in another weapon to our offense," Hickey said. 

Some scouts have compared Parker to A.J. Green and Hakeem Nicks, which in laymen's terms means, "AWWW YEAAAHH."

Bottom line: The Dolphins got a dude who can wreck defensive backs' asses. 

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