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Dolphins Jet Hits Another Plane on Dallas Airport Tarmac

This friggin' team.

In what is possibly the greatest metaphor ever produced by the fates, the Miami Dolphins charter plane apparently clipped another parked plane as it was backing out during takeoff.

The incident happened at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport last night as the team prepared to fly back to Miami after getting tea-bagged by the Dallas Cowboys in their final preseason game.

According to American Airlines spokeswoman Andrea Huguely, the small part of the team's AA-chartered Boeing 767's wing clipped the tail of an empty MD-80.

Both planes were then taken out of service, and the incident is reportedly under investigation.

American Airlines provided a replacement jet, which got the team back to Miami at 7:30 this morning.

Dolphins players took to Twitter during the whole affair.

Matt Moore tweeted: 8:08 am. Just got home from Dallas. Longer trip ever!

Brian Hartline tweeted: So tired and havent even left Dallas yet. Aaaaand the rumor is we backed into another plane... On the runway #awesome! Anyone else awake?

Cameron Wake tweeted: Just getting home from Dallas, Eight hour ordeal .. What a day #4thumbsdown ...

So, at this point, it's pretty evident God hates the Dolphins, right? 

Maybe not enough to kill them. But certainly enough to fuck with them.

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