Miami Dolphins Should Make Throwback Jerseys Permanent, Fans Say

The Miami Dolphins announced Friday they'll beat the New England Patriots September 15, which happens to be Dan Marino's birthday. They'll do it in style, wearing the universally praised throwback uniforms, this year in white. If you remember, the Fins wore the aqua version last season when they pulled off the "Miami Miracle," a multilateral, buzzer-beating victory over the Patriots.

This season, the throwbacks come in white. Behold them in all their glory. It'll be the sexiest thing you'll admit to seeing on the internet all day.

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They're perfect — so clean, so throwback-y, yet at the same time so futuristic. They make the old dolphins-wearing-a-helmet Dolphins logo seem brand-new.

Forget the Dolphins wearing them on Marino's birthday; they should wear them on everyone's birthday. They should be permanent — not a throwback, but a bring-them-back.

They're a gold mine. There is almost as much excitement around them as there is Heat's dope-ass, Miami Vice-inspired alternate jerseys — which have led the entire NBA in revenue the past few years.

When was the last time you heard about a fan base signing a petition to make a football jersey permanent? Never? Well that's exactly what one fan did. And you can sign it.

You get the point. The fans love these things. The Dolphins definitely know this by now, so what gives? NFL rules require that changes to uniform, logo, or anything else having to do with game-day look must remain unchanged for five years. The Dolphins had a window to make a change in 2018, but they only tinkered with things then. That seems to have reset the rebranding clock to 2023.

Unless an exception is made, the Dolphins will be stuck with the current Sea World-looking gear 14 times per season. But come 2023, anything is possible. The Dolphins could be wearing these beautiful throwbacks in the Super Bowl even!

OK. Maybe that's too far. Not everything is possible.

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