Dolphin's Owner Stephen Ross Donates $130K To Romney, RNC and Super Pacs

Go long, Mittens. 

Miami Dolphin's owner Stephen Ross has thrown down $133,000 in donations to support the Romney campaign. A $100,000 of that has gone to the Restore Our Future super pac, while the remainder was divvied up among Romney, the Republican National Committee, the Republican National Congressional Committee, and the Free and Strong America pac. 

That's just some of the interesting data released by WNYC on how team owners around the country are playing this election season. 

According to the site, Miami Heat owner Micky Arison tossed $10,000 at the NRCC and $2000 at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. 

Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria donated $33,00 to the RNC and Romney, as did the Tampa Bay Lightning's Jeffrey Vinik and Orlando Magic's Richard De Vos.

All said, team owners have put in $2 million to this year's race--and the Romney camp has staked claim to roughly $1.25 million of the total. 

There are some team owners out there who support Obama, just not in Florida. 

In each league donations to Republican efforts outpaced donations to Democrats. That gap was closest among NBA owners, who gave $215,200 to Democrats and $271,550 to Republicans. It was also the only league to give more money to the Obama campaign ($20,000) than to the Romney campaign ($18,500).

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