Don Shula Trolls Obama at White House Gathering

As You may have heard, the 1972 Perfect Season Miami Dolphins were honored at the White House by Barack Obama on Tuesday.

Obama mostly joked and joshed with the players, but also noted that the '72 team was a juggernaut, that they ran over opponents with two 1,000 yard rushers -- the first NFL team to have dual thousand yard runners -- and that they were able to grind out wins even after starting quarterback Bob Griese missed time with a broken leg.

Obama, a Chicagoan, also noted that his beloved Bears almost pulled off their own perfect season in 1985. But before he could say why they failed, Hall of Fame coach Don Shula piped up and interrupted the President.

"Who beat them?" Shula called out.

Boom. Roasted, Mr. President.

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Shula also presented Obama with a 72 jersey signed by the team, and hoped the President would hang it up somewhere so when he looks at it he could be reminded of "the whoppin' we gave the Bears."

Obama had previously hosted the '85 Bears, who were also unable to have a White House visit when they won the Super Bowl in 1985. Obama called them the greatest team in NFL history.

But, at Tuesday's ceremony with the Dolphins, the President admitted that there was only one greatest of all time.

Shula called it an honor.

"It's been forty years," he said. "But what the hell, it's still an honor."

Don Shula is a friggin badass.

You can watch the entire ceremony below.

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