Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Are Leading the Pack in Florida, According to Latest Poll

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are taking Florida, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll, released Thursday morning. More tellingly, despite all his bombast, controversial rhetoric, and Twitter meltdowns, Trump has overtaken Jeb Bush among likely voters in Florida. 

Bush was at a pretty healthy 20 percent when the last poll was released June 18. The latest one has him slipping to 17 percent among Florida's Republican voters. This is all while Trump is gaining serious momentum, coming from 3 percent to 21 percent among Florida Republicans, which, according to Quinnipiac, reflects the national polling.

Meanwhile, Clinton is blowing away all other Democrats in Florida, coming in at 48 percent versus Bernie Sanders' 15 percent and Vice President Joe Biden's 11 percent.

Still, Quinnipiac says even with Hillary's and Trump's numbers looking good, there's still some slippage in Florida and fellow swing states Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

"Hillary Clinton's poll numbers are like a leaky faucet," Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll said in a statement that came with the poll's release. "She is now getting less than half the vote in all three states' Democratic primaries. Perhaps most telling is how poorly she scores when all voters in these three key states are asked about her empathy, honesty, and temperament."

Brown points out that Clinton averages a negative 37-55 percent favorability in all three states. 64 percent in Florida believe that Clinton isn't honest and trustworthy. Trump is also doing poorly in the favorability department. But, Brown says, the part-time Palm Beach resident helped himself in the GOP debate, while Bush stumbled. 

"The first Republican debate mattered," said Brown. "Gov. Jeb Bush got middling debate grades and slips in the GOP horse race. Yet he does very well when voters rate the leading Republican candidates on personal characteristics. He scores best on honesty, empathy, and temperament to handle an international crisis while finishing a close second to Trump on leadership."

Marco Rubio, meanwhile, is wallowing in his own downturn. Back in June, Quinnipiac had Rubio at 18 percent among Republican voters. The latest poll has him at 11 percent.

Still, as it stands right now, whoever wins the Republican ticket is leading Clinton in Florida when it comes to the general election. 

According to the Quinnipiac poll, Bush tops Clinton 49-38 percent, while Trump gets 43 to Hillary's 41 percent. 

Even Rubio tops Clinton 51-39.

However, if Biden were to somehow win the Democratic primary, he'd beat Trump in Florida 45 percent to 42.

To get these results, Quinnipiac surveyed 477 Florida Republicans and 345 Democrats between August 7-18. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.

Quinnipiac Poll August 2015 by Chris Joseph

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