Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani: New York's Shameful Contributions to Presidential Politics

New Yorkers with presidential aspirations have a thing for Florida. Especially the Big Apple's two most falsely mythologized nattering nabobs of narcissism. 

Voters didn't care much for Rudy Giuliani, who bet his entire 2008 primary run on the Sunshine State and finished third. But after Donald Trump spoke at a South Florida Tea Party rally on Saturday, it appears that a few thousand Floridians hope Trump rides the current clownery to a "serious" candidacy.

They don't even mind his schoolboy crush on Canadian health care and zeal for taxing the wealthy. Maybe they just didn't read his book, but it's hard to imagine that kind of ignorance-bred hypocrisy coming from the Tea Party. I mean, we're talking about Rick Scott's voter base here.          

Oh, speaking of books, I once interned for the author of two investigative biographies that shattered the façades of Trump and Giuliani. The journalist, Wayne Barrett, debunked their myths in Trump: The Deals and the Downfall and Grand Illusion: The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11, which was co-authored by Dan Collins. 

Considering Giuliani's fate, Floridians who dislike Trump might actually want to vote "The Donald" into the White House.

Despite Giuliani's political unpopularity, he still held sway in Florida. As owner of a condo in Palm Beach Towers, he used his unseemly relationship with town councilman Bill Diamond to hold up development of a nearby historic site. Giuliani's endorsement of Marco Rubio, a rising Republican star at the time, was a safe bet and may have given the illusion that Giuliani is still politically relevant.

But for now, the grandest illusion of political relevance belongs to Trump. And soon, he just may find the presidency as irresistible as Giuliani's boobs when dressed in drag.

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