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Donald Trump Being Sued by Former Members of His Jupiter Golf Club

Three former members of Donald Trump's Trump National Golf Club are suing the Donald for not returning their refundable membership deposits. 

Trump bought the Jupiter resort last year, which was the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club & Spa, and promised to spend millions to renovate it. 

The three men say that they're owed membership deposits per the contract Trump inherited under the original contract he signed when he purchased the resort, but are instead still being charged fees.

Matthew Dwyer, Norman Hirsch and Ralph Willard are alleging that Trump breached his agreement when he failed to fork over their deposits, which range from $35,000 to $210,000.

The deposits are automatic refunds that should have been made to the men, the plaintiffs say.

Instead, Trump is still charging them dues while denying them access to club amenities, according to the men.

When asked for a comment on the suit, Trump answered in true Fuckface Von Clownstick fashion and talked up how awesome he is.

Trump told the Palm Beach Post that the allegations are "totally without merit," and that "a vast majority" of former Ritz members have decided to sign up for membership of the resort under his management, and that others are lining up to do so -- although none that has anything to do with the actual complaints by Dwyer, Hirsch, and Willard.

"The club is doing fantastic," he said. "We've brought it to the highest level it's ever been at."

Dodge the real issue by talking about yourself. Trump gonna Trump!

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