Donald Trump Giving a Bailout to South Florida Tea Party as It Still Won't Pay the Bill

The new philosophy from the South Florida Tea Party apparently includes taking handouts and accepting bailouts.

As you may know, the South Florida Tea Party has been trying to weasel its way out of paying the bill for a rally it held for Donald Trump in Boca Raton.

Yesterday, Trump's spokesman told the Sun-Sentinel that "The Donald" is bailing out the Tea Party.

"Mr. Trump was honored that the Tea Party event orchestrated by Everett Wilkinson generated more than 5,000 people to come hear him speak," Michael Cohen told the Sun-Sentinel. "Mr. Trump does not want any citizen's group to be disparaged or burdened for exercising their First Amendment rights, and he has agreed to personally cover the cost to the City of Boca Raton."

The teabaggers have been saying they'd pay the bill for weeks, although Chairman Everett Wilkinson thought they were entitled to use a private company's barricades and extra cops for free.

Wilkinson complained that the Tea Party went over its budget, then said it didn't have to pay anything because it was practicing "Freedom of Speech" and because another group got to use barricades for free a few days after its rally.

"We will pay the bill regardless, but I'd like to sit down with the mayor on this issue," Wilkinson told the Sun-Sentinel last week. "It's an issue of use. We weren't the only ones using those barricades."

After lying by saying they were going to pay their own bills, it looked like they were going to stick Boca Raton with the $6,000 bill, which Assistant City Manager Mike Woika wasn't extremely opposed to. But instead of causing government spending like their initial plan, the teabaggers decided to look for a handout from the rich.

Then there's that little gem of a quote Wilkinson gave last week, trying to exonerate Trump from liability for the event before reaching into his pockets:

"Mr. Trump, nor any other speaker, is liable for any charges for the event," Wilkinson said. "References to Mr. Trump are only an attempt to discredit his good name and character."

Cohen says Boca Raton should receive its check in the next few days.

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