Donald Trump Jr. Scheduled to Speak at a South Florida High School Tonight

Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump Jr. Gage Skidmore via Flickr Creative Commons
Even compared to other college conservative groups, Turning Point USA is a collection of some of the absolute worst pundits in America. Case in point: The group says it's bringing American-Habsburg crown prince Donald Trump Jr. to a South Florida high school to speak at 6:30 tonight as part of TPUSA's Campus Clash series, in which group leaders Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens appear at local schools and colleges to make libs mad or whatever it is they do.

TPUSA's Florida head, Driena Sixto, did not immediately respond to New Times' request for more information about the event. But the group has been advertising that Trump Jr. and his new girlfriend, former Fox News host Kim Guilfoyle, will show up at Nova High in Broward tonight to speak in the school's auditorium. Broward County Public Schools Spokesperson Cathleen Brennan told New Times that the group does have a contract to hold an event tonight, but she did not address whether Trump Jr. will attend.

"An external organization, Turning Point USA, has a facility rental agreement for Nova High School for an event – Campus Clash," she told New Times. "The District has a policy, 1341 [Use of Broward County School Facilities for Non-School Purposes] that outlines the rental of facilities."

The Campus Clash tour generally stops at universities because TPUSA claims colleges censor conservative thinkers. (Data shows the opposite is actually true.) TPUSA ostensibly chose Nova High because it's next door to Nova Southeastern University:
Curiously, Kirk and TPUSA were previously barred from holding an event at the nearby Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland this past April. MSD massacre survivor and conservative activist Kyle Kashuv invited Kirk and TPUSA to speak — but that month, school district spokesperson Brennan told the Sun Sentinel that "non-school-sponsored, student-initiated guest speaker assemblies/meetings are not permitted to take place on campus." Therefore, Kirk was banned.

It's not clear whether Nova High would have had any say over this TPUSA event. The school operates an auditorium that holds events not affiliated with the school district, and an assistant who answered the phone at the school today said she was not able to offer further details about tonight's speech.

Of course, getting banned from Stoneman Douglas wound up being good for Kirk, Owens, and TPUSA. Their brand is centered on repackaging stale, 1950s-era conservatism into a "dangerous" ideology that establishment liberals are trying to "censor" to prevent Americans from thinking for themselves. TPUSA's leaders gin up free publicity by stoking controversy and then reacting with fury when anyone pushes back.

In reality, they're simply bad-faith publicity hounds. Owens, for example, uses her platform as a black conservative to falsely argue that police brutality against blacks is nonexistent. Kirk, meanwhile, recently released a book that's full of boneheaded grammatical errors and copies of his own tweets. Even the conservative Weekly Standard today labeled Kirk's text a "hot mess" that "isn't a book." He's otherwise known for being one of the easiest people to dunk on on all of Twitter dot-com because he is so consistently wrong about almost every aspect of history that he tries to post about.

Classic example: Kirk and TPUSA keep quoting Nelson Mandela even though Mandela was a socialist.
Famously, TPUSA kids at Kent State University in Ohio walked around their campuses in adult diapers while sucking pacifiers to make fun of "crybaby" liberals in October 2017. Since then, they've been ridiculed on the internet for committing one of the single greatest self-owns in human history. The so-called diaper incident was so unintentionally hilarious it wound up permanently backfiring on the group:
Of course, that hasn't stopped Trump Jr., a guy who is Totally Coping Well With His Divorce, from embarking on a campus tour of America with Kirk, Owens, and Guilfoyle in order to make liberals mad for a few hours. Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle appeared at a TPUSA event last night at the University of Georgia.

There's no point in showing up to engage in arguments with any of these people because they're more than happy to lie to you and their only goal is to watch your face turn red as they continue to "own" you. But the event is free if you feel like showing up and calling Kirk a diaper boy.
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