Donald Trump Keeps Blaming Obama for Ferguson Rioting

Donald Trump can't stop blaming President Obama for every little terrible thing that happens in America. But now the sometimes-Palm Beach resident is saying Obama is to blame for the rioting that's been going on in Ferguson since a St. Louis grand jury announced it would not indict police officer Darren Wilson for shooting and killing unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown back on August 9.

Trump took to his usual places -- Twitter and Fox News -- to rant on all things Obama and accused the president of not doing enough for black Americans and for basically inciting the riots in Ferguson.

Before Trump blamed Obama for the rioting, he came out and proclaimed that the rioting would happen whether or not the grand jury would seek indictment.

When the nonindictment was announced, unrest broke out in Ferguson. And Trump took to Twitter again to rant against Obama in a series of tweets that have since been deleted.

In the first tweet, Trump insinuated that the rioting was happening because Obama has no control over African-Americans:

Trump then shifted gears and said more Ferguson-like riots will happen across the country, because Obama:

Finally, Trump concluded by saying Obama has messed up the country so badly that there will never be another black president ever again:

While the tweets themselves have vanished, that hasn't kept Trump from continuing his bizarre, veiled racist narrative. Trump made an appearance on Fox & Friends and basically said the same things he tweeted.

After blaming Ferguson on a lack of leadership in Washington, Trump goes on to say, "I knew somebody, and actually know somebody, who lives in Ferguson, and they can't believe what's happening.

"You know, they had a community that really worked, or seem to have worked, and now all this hatred's coming out, and it's a tremendous hatred," he added. "And the police are on one side, and other people are on the other side, and you have so many other people inciting and trying to get their own two cents in and trying to incite problems, and you know who the people are, and they're the same people who always incite problems."

Of course, this isn't the first time Trump has blamed bad things on Obama. The Donald has made a hobby of trying to stay relevant with a reality-TV show and with his tweets blaming the president for everything from ebola to the U.S. losing to the Russians in the Olympics.

Some of it is funny in a "don't pay any attention to this loon" kind of way. But the Ferguson discussion Trump is forcing is a little dangerous. Only because he's not helping, while reaching a wide swath of people who actually hang on his every word.

Take a gander at the man's Twitter page and you'll find scores of people begging him to run for president.

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