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Donald Trump, Michael Moore, LeBron James, and Other Celeb Election Day Tweets!

Election Day wouldn't be complete without celebs taking to Twitter and letting us know what's what.

Particularly because so many of us were on the fence as to who we'd be voting for.


After the jump, we examine some of the best tweets from the Big Day!

Trump is, of course, referencing this video of a colored fella in a beret that is so heinously intimidating a couple of old white women by HOLDING THE DOOR OPEN FOR THEM AT A POLLING PLACE! But thank the Baby Jesus Trump is here to Tweet that you shouldn't let them intimidate you. You tell the scary black man you'll open your own damned door, thank you very much! 

Yes! Even more reports of voting machines switching Romney votes to Obama votes. Trump would cite these reports here, but he has only 140 characters. Also, it's actually Obama's name being switched to Romney's at these machines. But facts, much like his hairline, is fuzzy at best to Trump.

Yep. Documentarian Michael Moore just tweeted out his number. Don't want to vote, you say? I'M MICHAEL MOORE! I CAN CHANGE ANYONE'S MIND. We might actually force New Times staff writer Chris Sweeney to call Moore. Just to hear Moore call him a "HUMP."

A picture of Beyonce revealing her ballot where she voted for Obama is floating around Twitter. Posting pictures of a filled out ballot is pretty much illegal, and now we're pretty sure her vote is now null and void.

Professional athletes are VERBOTEN! from ever tweeting out their political opinions and must only tweet about their jobs! DUH.

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