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Donald Trump Sues Palm Beach County for Flying Airplanes Over His Club

Donald Trump says the Palm Beach International Airport is routing planes over his Mar-a-Lago club just to spite the millionaire mogul, so he's suing the county for a whopping $100 million.

In the lawsuit, filed last week in Palm Beach County court, the toupee-rocking real estate caricature says the planes are not being directed to fly in several directions but instead are told to fly over his seaside club. The noise, vibrations, and emissions cause "cracks and other damage to porous stone construction, antique Spanish tiles, roofing, floors and columns, not to mention disrupting 'the once serene and tranquil ambiance,'" the lawsuit says, reported the Associated Press.

"I am saving one of the great houses of this country and one of its greatest landmarks," Trump tells the AP, "and it's being badly damaged by the airplanes."

This is nothing new for "The Donald." He has been complaining about planes flying over Mar-a-Lago since the mid-'90s. He has filed lawsuits several times over airport issues, including other noise complaints and expansions. And he has gone after Palm Beach airport director Bruce Pelly in the courts and in public.

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Regarding a proposed airport expansion in 2007, Trump said of the airport director: "Anything involving Bruce Pelly is in my opinion going to turn out poorly. He shouldn't be allowed to run a doghouse, let alone an airport."

Pelly didn't take the bait and refused to trade barbs. But the two men would clash indirectly over the next few years as Trump filed and joined lawsuits against the airport. In fact, this isn't the first time Trump has sued because of planes flying over Mar-a-Lago.

In 2010, Trump not only sued the county but he accused Pelly of "intentional battery" for the planes flying overhead.

This is a longstanding beef that could be just a result of an egomaniac control freak who thinks everybody should bend to his will.

Of course, it could also be the result of a shrewd airport director deliberately messing with the head of an egomaniac control-freak every few years, just for kicks -- which would be kind of awesome.

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