Donald Trump Taken Down by Swimsuit Model Chrissy Teigen in Twitter Spat

Donald Trump, the current leading GOP candidate, is known for insulting people on Twitter and getting into epic beefs with journalists, celebrities, and even utility companies. But his latest Twitter rival comes in the form of Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen. 

Teigen, known for her sharp wit, instigated things when she called Trump put on his meeting with black clergy earlier this week. Dozens of black pastors had expressed a desire to meet with Trump to discuss his controversial attitudes toward Black Lives Matter and his tweeting out racist made-up stats.

Trump had hailed the request of a meeting as an endorsement, though this was not the case. He then railed about how his meeting was not for the public eye or for the media to cover. Yet Trump couldn't shut up about it either and took to Twitter.

That's when Teigen pounced. 

Trump, who usually blasts a celeb who blasts him, allowed his followers to go after Teigen and retweeted responses from followers who called her trashy and a gutter mouth.

However, Teigen has her own loyal followers who got into the fray.

Teigen, married to singer John Legend, then snarkily asked her followers to leave Mrs. Trump out of it, saying "she goes through enough already."

In the end, Teigen managed to laugh off Trump's followers' bashing. And basically took down the GOP frontrunner with her sass.

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Chris Joseph
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