Don't Ask, Don't Tell Crimes and HIV

L.C. Swain Middle School teacher Calvin Williams, 41, was allegedly shot and killed this May by a lover who believed Williams had HIV.

The lover, Lawrence Hunt, 20, told police he fired his gun because Williams was attempting to rape him. Hunt now sits in the Palm Beach County jail awaiting trial for second-degree murder. He has pleaded not guilty, and his lawyer declined to comment to New Times. Until his case goes to court, it's impossible to know whether Hunt's version of events is correct. 

But this is the second time in a year that a local murder has been blamed on HIV. In fact,  a "don't ask, don't tell" attitude about the virus that causes AIDS has led to some bizarre crimes:

  • Last August, Anton Josey, 34, of Pompano Beach was arrested for allegedly killing a woman, Dominique Duval, 23, who he said gave him HIV. Police said Josey waited for Duval after work, dragged her into a car at gunpoint, and shot her. The case is still pending in Broward County Court.

  • This January, Olympic bronze medalist equestrian Darren Chiacchia was arrested in Ocala and charged with a felony, because an ex-lover alleged that Chiacchia exposed him to HIV. Chiaccia pleaded not guilty and is still awaiting trial.

  • In 2007, South Beach club promoter Eliodor Kersaint, 22, was charged with having sex with a 19-year-old woman without telling her he has HIV. The alleged victim did not contract the disease, according to our sister paper, Miami New Times.

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