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Don't Ever Change, Christine Hanley

Below is a letter sent out by Susan Kang Schroeder, the spokeswoman of the Orange County District Attorney's Office in California might be of interest. Seems the L.A. Times reporter slurred in the missive is doing an investigative piece on ... the letter's writer herself, Orange County D.A. spokeswoman Susan Kang Schroeder. (I just like that name, Susan Kang Schroeder). Almost makes you grateful for Michael Satz's ol' mother hen, Ron Ishoy. Almost. Here it is:

"Dear colleagues: We are lucky in Orange County because the Orange County press corps, for the most part, sets the gold standard. They are ethical, hardworking people who have an important job to do. The media often helps us find witnesses, solve crimes, and help inform the public that justice is done.

Unfortunately, in every profession there are bad apples. Christine Hanley is a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. She was recently assigned to cover our office. She used to cover our office four years ago. She has engaged in repeated unethical behavior including

the manufacturing of facts. She is reckless and does not care about the truth. She has been repeatedly confronted about her false stories. She refuses to change.

You should exercise extreme caution in all contacts with her. Because of her past unethical practices, some attorneys in our office refuse to talk with her. I have listed a few of her "greatest hits." I have plenty more examples in greater detail. If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact me..."

To read more about this unseemly little spat, check out L.A. Observed, where I got it from.

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