Don't Hate Her 'cause She's Brutal-Full: Pamela Geller Hits the Big Time

It's exciting -- and a little scary -- when you see a local wingnut become a national wingnut; but that's exactly what we've witnessed this past year with Pamela Geller, an ultra-conservative anti-Muslim crusader who in the past has teamed up with like-minded South Floridians to promote hate-fest events like last year's Geert Wilders speech in Delray Beach.

Geller, who once called yours truly a "great paragon of free speecher and freedom of asempbly," is now making a big splash in New York City, where she's sponsored ads on buses that encourage Muslims to leave their religion. And today Geller got scolded by the Grey Lady.

But the endorsement that speaks volumes about Geller's wingnut-ness is this one from Loonwatch -- a website that actually specializes in finding crazy websites and where Geller is known as "the looniest blogger ever."

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