Don't Want LeBron to Leave? Pay Up, Says WQAM's Channing Crowder

Adam Kuperstein and Channing Crowder host the 1-3 p.m. midday show on 560-WQAM in South Florida. And over the last weeks and months as we creep ever closer to that glorious day when LeBron returns makes his decision, Kup (as he's known) and Crowder (a colorful and honest former Miami Dolphin) have done some reflecting.

"We were just talking about how great the last four years have been and basically since LeBron got to Miami for sports fans it's been the best four year stretch in South Florida history for sports," Kuperstein tells New Times. Obviously, LeBron's going to make his decision whether we do something supportive or not, but we thought...LeBron's presence the last four years has really made things more fun, more interesting, and we'd be willing -- honestly -- to pay money to let it continue and keep it going."

And so all day today, listeners can pledge their own appreciation to LeBron by clicking on WQAM's site and donating, where all of the proceeds benefit The Boys and Girls Club of Broward County. When LeBron made his decision in 2010 on live TV, the proceeds (more than $2.5 million) also benefited the Boys & Girls Club.

"LeBron has honestly changed the South Florida market here," Crowder proclaims. "This was a football town and I was a ballplayer but I've been off the game for three years now. When I was playing, even with the '06 Heat championship, it was still a Dolphins town. Now we talk Heat basketball year-round. Dwyane Wade was here and it wasn't like that -- it wasn't even like that when it was Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade. LeBron's brought something to this town that no one else will ever do. We just really, honestly, appreciate what he's doing. To have a guy of that caliber in our city, most people won't appreciate it until it's gone, so we want to let him know before that because we're going to cry if he leaves this damn team."

"If you want to donate a dollar; if you want to donate a hundred or more, we'll take it," Kuperstein adds. "Point is, the more people the better to show how much this town cares about LeBron and the Boys & Girls Club."

Let's go, folks. Deadspin reported last week that our King could have been worth as much as $44.75 million just for his basketball prowess alone this year. Winning championships and banging pots and pans is priceless, though.

And, as an added bonus, Kup and Crowder aren't done with merely this.

"If he does stay or when he does stay," Kuperstein says. "we've got something else up our sleeve that I think South Florida sports fans are going to love and the rest of the nation -- the Heat haters -- are going to despise."

Listen to the Kup and Crowder show today from 1-3 p.m. to hear guests from the Boys & Girls Club and to get updates on how the LeBron-A-Thon is going.

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