Double-Dealing Developer Welshes on Public Deal*

The Sun-Sentinel has a story today about developer Bruce Chait reneging on on his promise to build some affordable housing at his planned 728-unit development in Tamarac.


Chait, owner of Prestige Homes, had thousands of residents angry about his plan to develop the Monterey and Sable Palms golf courses. The commission voted 5-2 on December 12, 2006, to allow the development, in part because Chait promised to build the affordable housing.


That's right, he promised to build it. Chait even did so publicly at that 2006 County Commission meeting, as did his lobbyist, Gerald Knight. "The developer has agreed to construct, not pay for, 15 percent affordable housing for this project," Knight said. "And I noted that last time we were here it was 10 percent, but since that time we've had further consideration on this and agreed to do the 15 percent." 


"Agreed." See that word? It's pretty clear.


And the promise helped get Chait, who played the political game to the hilt, the votes to build his vile project. Now he's refusing to do what he agreed to do and accusing the county of "extortion."


Unbelievable. This Chait character is one of the biggest weasels ever to burrow down in Broward County. In the old days, the likes of him were tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail. Now they are coddled by dubious politicians and a credulous media. Makes you a little nostalgic, huh?


Note to commission: Those of you haven't sold your soul to Chait need to hold him to the deal and let him bail. His so-called threat is toothless. Nobody wants or needs a housing development on those golf courses anyway. Listen to the Pulp on this one; you'll be glad you did.   


*Ah, the Welsh. The only ethnic group we're comfortably allowed to slur anymore.

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Bob Norman
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