Dozens of Cameras Capture No Violence, No Worthwhile Debate at Tea Party Rally

Last week, we told you about Robb, the anti-tea partier who staged an impromptu counterprotest during a rally at Oakland Park Boulevard and Federal Highway last weekend.

The video above is the latest from Robb, who returned to the scene with more friends and a camera a week after his initial confrontation. Though the first minute and a half of the video is shaky, the real fun begins at about the 1:45 mark.

That's when the camera focuses and the tea partiers set in (with cameras of their own). The highlight might be the bearded, mulleted man in the light-blue button-down carrying the American flag. When he spots Robb's camera, he says, "Put me on tape! I got a message for ya!" Then he holds both of his flags with one hand for a moment so he can raise his middle finger to Robb.

Then he adds: "I wish I wasn't a Christian. I'd knock your big ass out!"

Most of the video is filled with odd, passive insults and threats and plenty of people videotaping one another. When Robb asks one tea partier who Allen West is, he's told, "He has a .45 he'd like to put near your head." Of course that's a reference to former Lt. Col. West's treatment of an Iraqi detainee, an incident that involved West firing his weapon next to the man's head in an attempt to coerce a confession.

Robb tells the camera it takes about 30 minutes "before the fat insults." Then one tea partier awkwardly says he's a medical doctor and he's very concerned about Robb's health.

Robb replies: "I'm gonna live longer than you!"

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