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Dozier: Koran is 'Demonic'

How surprising. The Steve Kane Show -- which featured controversial pastor and Jeb Bush dumpee O'Neal Dozier -- devolved into a hate fest this morning.

First Kane played an old tape featuring Rafiq Mahdi, a local imam who leans radical and who I wrote about (and criticized) in 2002. There, Steve was able to get in the violent verses from the Koran, which Mahdi did a piss-poor job of explaining on his show.

Stuff like "Slay those who do not believe" and "I will cast dread in the heart of the infidel and cut off their heads."

More on that later. Then Kane talked about how Muslims are killing "hundreds of thousands of people" around the globe, committing genocide and mass slaughter. It was just to get the blood in the water for Dozier, who arrived in Kane's Coral Springs studio at about 8 a.m. Dozier, of course, is the controversial black preacher who was forced to resign from the Judicial Nominating Commission by Jeb Bush after declaring on Kane's show last week that America is at war with all of Islam, which he termed an evil cult bent on cutting off our heads. Dozier made the remarks as part of his campaign to keep a mosque from being built in northwest Pompano Beach.

Here's some of what was said:

Kane: "A mosque is attempting to invade your area ... and you are concerned about the fallout. We have a lot of young disaffected black youth who can fall prey to what is going on."

Dozier: "We have some apprehensions about it because of a number of reasons, Steve. Blacks are already bondable to the Islamic cult. I call it a cult because it's based on false statements. ... Jesus is the only road, the only way to get to heaven. If Jesus Christ is correct, then any other religion that says it can deliver that, it is a lie. And that makes it a cult."

In other words, in Dozier's view, every religion other than Christianity is a cult. And boy is he worried about the competition Muslims could bring to the religion business in his area.

Dozier: "[The mosque] would cause our young men and women to become Muslims. Our young men are already angry enough at the white man and the American way of life. If this is a success and they are able to do it in Pompano northwest, then they are going to go to every other black area in the United States. Their main thing is to dominate, is to make converts."

Yes, the last thing that we need is for young blacks to exercise their freedom of religion. Better they stay in bondage to Dozier. And it's a good thing Christians don't run around trying to make converts. The subject of the JNC dumping also came up.

Dozier: "I was taken down from the JNC but of course I guess that was expected by a lot of people. It was a blessing to a lot of people. It was not a blessing to the Bush supporters. It was a blessing to the non-Bush supporters. It was a blessing to people who would never vote for him or his brother. ... Of course I have been scandalized in the paper. ... They are liberals, they are haters. But Steve, I walk in love because I am a man of God. I have been telling everyone that I love the Muslim people ... but they are victims of an evil religion. And the reason the religion is so evil, Steve, is because of the Koran. The Koran is evil. It is demonic."

A caller asked: What is the solution?

Dozier: "We need to have a dialogue. We need to talk about how devious this Koran is. We need to let the people know that the Koran, that the instrument the Islamic religion is using is evil, cruel, and corrupt, that it encourages violence."

Dozier is literally demonizing the Muslim religion -- which of course dovetailed nicely into Kane's introductory lesson in Islam. I'm not going to get into a big theocratic argument over this, but I will say that the incendiary passages Kane throws around pertain to rules of war. The Koran does not condone violence against anyone who isn't at war with Muslims: "And fight with them until there is no persecution, and religion should be only for Allah, but if they desist, then there should be no hostility except against the oppressors."

So the Koran forbids violence against those who are not oppressing or at war with them. That's one reason you hear George W. Bush calling Islam a religion of peace. That's one reason you hear the vast majority of Muslims condemning the September 11 attacks.

But this misses the point. We have to deal with flesh-and-blood people, not with centuries-old books and ancient hatreds. The idea of a Muslim State repulses me. So does a Christian State (which is what Dozier espouses) or, yes, I'll say it, a Jewish State. None, by definition, can be democracies.

Let's face it: all religion is mired in violence and contradiction. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have visited more death and destruction on this world than anyone would like to imagine. The Old Testament is full of killing and violence, condoned by God. Just look at Christian reconstructionists lurking in America today; they're as barbaric in their thinking as the Taliban and believe in the death penalty for gays and other "fornicators," among other things.

As far as violence today, nobody compares to America and its allies. The Iraq War -- started by the U.S. during peace time -- has caused the death of at least 100,000 people. That blood is on our hands, pure and simple. Israel right now is off the leash, blowing up Lebanon over a few kidnapped soldiers, threatening to turn the entire world into a war zone. Bush, the war maker, is basically egging it on rather than reeling it in.

When you're dealing with extremists from any religion, you're looking at two sides of the same coin. And nobody corners the market on ungodly violence. The good news is that most people, whatever their religion, are moderates and they want to live in peace. Lies and distortions can fan the flames of fear and hatred, however, and make unnecessary wars possible.

And that's why radical haters like Dozier need to be exposed for what they are and then pushed to the curb.

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