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Drill Bit: Allen West Calls Oil Rupture "Worrisome," Just Not Big Enough to Reverse Position on Drilling

The massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico barely warranted mention in the "West Weekly Wrap-up" that congressional candidate Allen West sends along to his South Florida supporters. West supports drilling for oil off the South Florida coast and apparently sees nothing about the situation in the Gulf that will change his mind. Here's that excerpt:

Lastly, the off-shore oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico is very worrisome. I believe energy independence remains a vital issue to American security and I look forward to supporting efforts to enhance our independence, thus ending our financial support to nations in the Middle East that finance our enemies and seek to destroy Israel.
Ah, yes. That marvelous myth about America having enough fossil fuels to end its reliance on oil from the Middle East. The catastrophe is also an opportunity for West to advance another favored theme, that the media is soft on Obama.

He writes:

Of course if this oil rig catastrophe had occurred under President George W Bush the media would be howling while boosting the environmental extremists who seek to weaken our nation.
First of all, the media is howling. Second, there may be a time to rail against "environmental extremists," but maybe not when there's 5,000 barrels of oil per day pouring into the ocean from an exploded oil rig. Because an event like that makes a rational person wonder whether it was worth listening to what those so-called environmental extremists had to say before this happened.

In a stunning coincidence, West has loads of Big Oil contributors who have donated to his congressional campaign.

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