Drudgians Return: Read Something Else

Well, they're baaa-aaack. The Drudgians have come swarming back to the Pulp, this time on the Herald farewell post. I feel like apologizing for them. Just remember, they can't help themselves. Many of them were obviously dropped on their heads as small children.

In lieu of this, I'm offering some alternative reading:

-- A fun-loving UM student and son of rocket scientist is killed in his living room, leaving a five-foot pool of blood (David Ovalle, Miami Herald)

-- Now two gay candidates vie to replace homophobic Naugle (Brittany Wallman, Broward Politics).

-- Favre to Dolphins? (Greg Cote, Miami Herald)

-- Layoffs begin for Broward government workers (Juan Ortega, Sun-Sentinel)

-- Deputy tasers own wife (AP)


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