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Drugs, eBay Fraud, Car Chases: Ahziya Osceola's Parents' Prior Arrests [UPDATED]

Both the biological mother and father of Ahziya Osceola (note: on reports, investigators have alternately spelled his name Ahziya and Ahizya) have extensive criminal records, according to a review of court filings and police reports. Those charges range all over the spectrum, from possession of cocaine and organized fraud to criminal mischief and beatdowns at a Dunkin Donuts' drive-through. For Ahziya's father – Nelson Osceola – the list now include a criminal charge related to the 3-year-old's death. 

On Wednesday, Hollywood Police charged 24-year-old Nelson Osceola with child neglect. Analiz Rodezno Osceola, 24, Nelson's wife and Ahziya's stepmother, is also being charged with aggravated manslaughter, child neglect, and providing false information to law enforcement. The 3-year-old's bruise-spotched body was found last Friday covered in trash bags and stuffed in a box in the laundry room of the house he shared with his father and stepmother. The Broward Medical Examiner's Office has determined that Ahziya's death was a homicide from blunt impact abdominal trauma. 

Unfortunately, from birth Ahziya was exposed to an environment where problems with police were the norm. 

In March 2010, Nelson Osceola was arrested by the Florida Highway Patrol and charged with aggravated fleeing/eluding at high speed, resisting without violence, and criminal mischief. He later pleaded guilty and served some jail time and was put on probation.

Miramar PD picked up Nelson in July 2011 for trespassing. The police report states that around 3:20 a.m., a husband and wife were awakened by the sounds of someone trying to open the sliding glass door at the rear of their house. The suspect was chased away by the homeowners. But they got a good look at the suspect, whom they described as a young guy, "large stomach, no shirt." Later that morning, a report of a suspicious person nearby led police to Nelson Osceola. The victims ID'd him as the intruder. He was arrested and later paid a fine. 

A run-in with Davie PD in March 2012 landed Nelson with seven criminal charges including aggravated fleeing/eluding at a high speed, suspended driver's license, expired tags, and failure to provide proof of insurance. According to the arrest report, Nelson fled from police in Hialeah behind the wheel of a dark-gray 2011 Cadillac station wagon after he was flagged down for a stop. Instead, Nelson shot up I-95. An airborne police unit — either a plane or helicopter — tracked the car until Nelson drove to Orange Drive and 101st Avenue in Davie. The suspect bailed from the car and tried to make off on foot. He was stopped by a Davie PD K9 unit. It turned out not only was Nelson's license invalid but he was on probation for aggravated fleeing out of Palm Beach County. He pleaded guilty to two offenses in Broward and served 180 days in the county jail.

In January 2013, Nelson was arrested again by Davie PD after an incident in a Dunkin Donuts drive-through. This time, Nelson's future wife, Analiz Rodezno, was behind the wheel of a green Chevy SUV struck in line at the chain's University Drive location. Frustrated with the drive-through's slow pace, she began laying on the horn. The driver in front of her — Joshua Socher — rolled down his window and said he couldn't go anywhere because of the cars in front of him. From the report: 

"It was at that point that a male, later identified as Nelson Osceola stepped out of the rear seat if the Green Chevy and approached Socher. Socher remained inside his vehicle as Osceola  began yelling at him through the driver's window. Socher attempted to diffuse by teliing Osceola 'Let's just get our food and go our ways.' Osceola continued to yell and then proceeded to open the driver's side door of the Infinity. Osceola then reached in and struck Socher in the face with a closed fist." 

He was later arrested and charged with battery and burglary conveyance assault. In court the latter charge was dropped and he pleaded guilty to the former, landing six months' probation.

Records indicate that Ahziya's mother, Karen Cypress, was first picked up by law enforcement in December 2009. She was arrested in Pembroke Pines for possession of cocaine. The disposition of that case is unclear from online court records.

Cypress' next run-in with police was in January 2014, when she was arrested by Hollywood Police for neglect of child/no bodily harm, battery on law enforcement officer, and resisting/obstruction without violence. Police records indicate that officers were called to the Holiday Inn on Sheridan. A hotel employee told police a 1-year-old toddler had "exited the elevator to the lobby and was crying and screaming." When the officer was on the scene, a 17-year-old juvenile came down the elevator looking for the toddler. The teen ID'd Karen Cypress as the toddler's mom and said she was passed out drunk from vodka in a room on the fifth floor. The officer went to the room, where he tried to wake Cypress. It took a couple of tries, according to the report. "As soon as the arrestee woke up she immediately became irate and began to yell at Officer Alford telling him that he was 'fucking tripping' and 'get the fuck out of my room.'" The police officer pointed a finger at Cypress. She slapped his hand away. After a subsequent brief struggle, Cypress was taken into custody. 

Court records indicate she pleaded not guilty to the charges, which are reportedly still pending.  

Cypress is also currently facing criminal charges stemming from an eBay and PayPal scam she allegedly ran with an accomplice named Alberto Delgado. According to police reports, the pair were able to fill their pockets by gaming the lag time between when an eBay purchase is made and when PayPal processes the payment through a bank account attached to the user. Between May 24, 2013 and June 25, 2013, Cypress and Delgado were able to steal more than $52,000 in purchases, mostly with an account tied to a bank account with only $2.60 in funds. They further beat the system by "requesting that the items be shipped as soon as possible knowing that there was no money to pay for the items. When their accounts were frozen, they went over and above to get them re-activated so that they could continue to make their large purchases," the report states.  

The Broward Sheriff's Office was alerted to the scam when an eBay investigator began tracking the transactions. The items Cypress and her cohort bought included a "10k yellow gold and diamond Jesus pendant, a 14k yellow gold bead ball chain necklace, a Louis Vuitton purse, a 14k yellow gold 3 carat diamond ladies bracelet, a round cut engagement ring, a Pamp Suisse 1oz gold bar that Alberto turned into a pendant, a 10k white gold 1.96 diamond cross pendant, and a Rolex 18k yellow gold bracelet," according to the report.  

She was charged last spring with organized scheme to defraud and criminal conspiracy. She was living in a substance abuse facility at the time. Last July, Cypress pleaded not guilty to both the charges. 

Apart from a pair of red-light camera stops, Analiz Rodezno Osceola's record in Broward is clear. 
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