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During Broward Visit, Rubio Daydreams of Roller Coasters

Anyone got Shatner's number? Because isn't he the guy to call when looking to unlock the poetry contained within a true conservative's Twitter posts? So please channel the voice of the Emmy Award winner and master thespian as we read from Marco Rubio's Twitter page. The most recent post:

To those of you in Broward, does that wood rollercoaster near Stirling just off 95 still work?
That question has been lingering there since Saturday night, time that has allowed for its true meaning to sink in. On the surface, the answer is simply, yes: Boomers' wooden roller coaster, which is the largest of its kind in Florida, still works. But on a deeper level, isn't it curious that the underdog in the race for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate should be musing about roller coasters on the day after his rival, Charlie Crist, appointed George LeMieux, his former chief of staff, to the open seat in the U.S. Senate?

After all, roller coasters may be the most frequent -- and most apt -- metaphor for a political campaign. Late Friday, Rubio emailed CNN to say that the LeMieux pick was "disappointing," but he was speaking for Floridians. Surely, for his campaign it was a thrilling turn on the roller coaster, as he can now accuse the governor of cronyism and add another line to his stump speech about how when push comes to shove, Crist isn't a true conservative.

The St. Pete Times had an article Saturday about how the LeMieux pick may have further alienated Crist from the same party leaders he has been eager to impress. Plus, the LeMieux appointment came just a week after Rubio appeared on the cover of the National Review under the headline "Yes, he can," which is both an invaluable way of convincing Florida Republicans that he's a serious contender and a sign that Rubio may be able to tap into a national fundraising base among conservatives who don't trust that Crist will be true to the cause.

These are the kinds of ruminations that, like a favorite song that comes on the radio, might speed the pulse and cause a driver to push a tad harder on the accelerator. And one can imagine how that might be the reason for this Tweet of a few minutes earlier:

Driving home from Palatka. Car behind us has strobing blue lights on roof going. I wonder what that means?
It means you're speeding, Mr. Speaker. Or, if you're a young, charming politician, it means you get a warning.
Just kidding about lights. FHP officer stopped us to tell us back tire of rental was low on air. Thank you FHP! Stay safe.

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