Dwyane "Mother Teresa" Wade Connects with a Sick 8-Year-Old

The Heat crushed the Grizzlies at home last night, 94-82. And Dwyane Wade dropped 27 to break his own franchise single-season scoring record. The Heat started on an 11-0 run and never trailed O.J. Mayo and his Memphis crew.

The real excitement came after the game though, when D-Wade gave his jersey to Michael Stolzenberg, an 8-year-old boy bitten by a bug last year. The resulting bacterial infection was so drastic, doctors had to remove the Michael's hands and feet.

"He lights you up, the smiles on his face. He seems so happy," Wade told reporters.

"Everything that's happened to him is unfortunate. But he lights you up. He makes you feel good. He's a kid I've had a relationship with for a while. I've been to his room. He has everything already in there, and I wanted to add to it."

Wade, who is usually more private with his charity work (because being public can lead to moments like this), said after the game: "The connection that we had, it didn't matter who was looking. It was just us."

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