Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh Make Forbes List of 100 Highest Paid Athletes in the World

You already knew Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade were normal-people wealthy, but did you know they are worldwide-famous-athlete-in-any-sport wealthy? Well, you do now. Forbes has released their annual World's 100 Highest-Paid Athletes study and Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh both made the cut. Wade was the 33rd highest paid athlete in the world in 2016 according to Forbes, while Bosh placed 55th.

Forbes measurements take into account salary, winnings, endorsements, and residence. By their estimations, Wade made $32 million this year ($20 million in salary from the Miami Heat, $12 million from endorsements) while Bosh took in $25.2 million ($22.2 million in salary from the Miami Heat, $3.2 million from endorsements). 

Bosh's endorsements are listed as Nike, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Nice Tie, Panini, and FantasyDraft. Janssen pays Bosh to endorse their blood thinner Xarelto, which he has taken in the past. The company is facing lawsuits from thousands of patients who took the drug and were less than happy with the results. Considering Bosh's outgoing personality and level of NBA stardom, it's surprising he doesn't have more endorsements. It's not clear if Forbes includes compensation athletes receive from their television or big screen cameos in their calculations. Bosh has made a few appearances in both settings over his Miami Heat career and is sure to profit off heavier Hollywood roles or NBA analyst gigs if he chooses to pursue them in retirement. 

Wade's list of endorsements are most expansive, including 15 partners in all. Wade's shoe deal with China's Li-Ning tops the list, while a new deal with Naked Brand Group is the newest to pay him, this time as an endorser of their line of men's underwear. Wade also has teamed with companies that produce his own lines of neckties and socks. 

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo was 2016's highest paid athlete, raking in $88 million between the $56 million Real Madrid pays him and the amazing $22 million he pulls on endorsements. Barcelona's Lionel Messi ($81.4 million) and ex-Miami Heat star LeBron James ($77.2 million) finished second and third in the ranks, respectively. 

Florida resident Tiger Woods, who topped this list from 2008-2011 and in 2013, finished 12th in this year's tally. The fact that Tiger ranked that high while only pulling in $274,000 in tour winnings speaks to his endorsement dominance; Woods made $45 million just in endorsements last year. 

Ex-Miami Dolphin Olivier Vernon signed this offseason with the New York Giants on a five-year deal worth $85 million, placing him 39th on Forbes' list. Vernon, drafted in the third round out of the University of Miami by the Dolphins, came nowhere near this list in the past — now he tops athletes like Miguel Cabrera, Steph Curry, Jason Day, and soccer star Wayne Rooney. 

Serena Williams is the top woman on this year's list, coming in at 40th with $28.9 million in earnings. 
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