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Dwyane Wade: Phil Jackson Wants to Coach the Heat (Video)

The Miami Heatles have certainly had an exciting first half of the season: "The Decision" drama, the rough start, the stretch of total domination (winning 21 of 22), the lessons in karma, the onslaught of injuries, and now another losing stint. (Last night's loss to the Knicks makes five losses in the past six games.)

Before last night's game (in which Wade wore special tinted glasses to deal with his migraines), D-Wade talked to Rachel Nichols of ESPN about his illness, the recent team woes, and Lakers Coach Phil Jackson.

Jackson has been so vocal in his random criticism of the Heat, Wade postulates, because he secretly wants to coach the team. "I think he wants to coach the Heat when he gets done with the Lakers," Wade said with a smile. "It's all an angle to get over here and coach us. But no, he can't coach us."

Though the idea is mentioned here as a joke, the possibilities may be real. It will depend on how the Erik Spoelstra-led team does this season, obviously, and on how the Lakers perform in this year's playoffs. There have been rumors about Spoelstra possibly being replaced since before the team was even assembled this year. And Jackson has always been an opportunist as a coach, winning championships with Michael Jordan, then the Shaq-Kobe Lakers, then the Kobe-Gasol Lakers. Also, Jackson's contract with the Lakers expires at the end of this season.

Wade also talked about his reoccurring migraines and the prospect of a headache sidelining him in a playoff game.

"I've been getting them since I was a kid," he said. "They come when they want. The only thing I can do is do what the doctors tell me to do."

Here is the entire interview:

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