Dwyane Wade Won the Internet Yesterday

The Miami Heat loves winning championships. But in between all the championship winning, the players also love their fans, and they love fun.

And no one typified that better than Dwyane Wade last night, before and after the Heat took down the Phoenix Suns 107-92.

For starters, Wade gave away two of his seats for the game to a random fan on Twitter.

And then he laid down the gauntlet on the team's postgame video bombs.

A couple of hours before tip-off, Wade announced he'd be giving away tickets.

Then he proceeded to lay waste to the Suns with a 21-point, 12-assist performance on 9-for-13 shooting. He also showed that when the Heat gives him a night to rest up, he can come back the next game and obliterate the opponent with ferocious defense, efficient offense, and an earth-shattering dunk or two.

And then, in keeping with the team's postgame video bombs -- a tradition started by Chris Bosh last year -- Wade did two cartwheels behind LeBron James as he was being interviewed.

As LeBron said, Wade took the video bombing to a whole other stratosphere.

Looks like Chris Bosh is going to have to juggle kittens or something on his next video bomb.

So, to recap this story: Dwyane Wade is awesome.

(And so is the Miami Heat.)

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