Dying to be Famous

When 19-year-old Abraham Biggs Jr. logged onto Bodybuilding.com November 19th, he typed: "ask a guy who is gonna OD(again) tonight anything." He had threatened to take his life before on the web, under the screen name CandyJunkie. 

The first online attempt took place several months prior. Doreen Biggs, Abraham's mother and a registered nurse, told police that her son swallowed a bunch of Xanax on September 1st and attempted to webcast his own death. Someone stopped him and his family, for the second time since 2007, put him on suicide watch in a mental health facility under Florida's Baker Act.

The week before Thanksgiving he tried again. In the wee hours of Wednesday, November 19th, he sent his mother this text message: "It's not even life is boring, I actually loath my life and it's pretty much better than a lot of other."

Mrs. Biggs says she immediately phoned her son; he insisted that he was neither feeling depressed nor suicidal. But he had already posted a suicide note on Bodybuilding.com. Many hours later, on afternoon of the same day, the police finally stormed the Biggs apartment. They found Abraham's lifeless body laying in front of the web cam, with chatroom discussion of whether the suicide was real still taking place on his computer screen.

The police report is now available.

-- Amy Guthrie

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