Earl Rynerson, Are You Gay Enough To Be Our Man?

We get it, Earl Rynerson. You would rather talk about issues facing Fort Lauderdale than be known as merely The Gay Candidate.

Your predicament reminds me of this guy who didn't want to be known as merely The Black Candidate, but when the November election rolled around, post-election polls suggested race was a factor -- a positive factor, for the black guy. Black people -- and whole bunch of white people -- wanted a hand in casting a ballot for the first black president. Maybe race wasn't the main reason he got those votes, but it was a reason.

A similar dynamic's at work in the Fort Lauderdale mayoral election. After Fort Lauderdale's gay community was made to suffer through the bigoted sound bites and phony apology press conferences of Mayor Jim Naugle, maybe gay people are more motivated to make it to the polls. And maybe progressive straight people are more likely to cast a ballot for a gay candidate.

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The dilemma for such voters, however, is that this race has two gay candidates: Rynerson and Dean Trantalis. Who does one pick to be one's Rainbow Champion? Obviously, you have to go the one that's gayer, and so far, Rynerson's got the lead.

I mean, check out the homo-rific stuff that lurks on Rynerson's old credit card statements. If nothing else, it proves Rynerson's not one of those gay-for-political-convenience candidates. He's the genuine article.

As for Trantalis, having a photo with Hillary Clinton on your campaign web site's front page is pretty gay, but if I were his campaign manager, I'd tell him to fight Rynerson's gay porn stash by growing a gay porn 'stache.

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