Early Riser's Poll Report: Lynch Clinging to 37-Vote Advantage

The Republican primary election for the seat in Congress vacated by Robert Wexler was too close to call last night, forcing a manual recount in Broward and Palm Beach elections offices. As of this moment, businessman Ed Lynch has 3,320 votes in a district that straddles the two counties. Joe Budd has 3,283.

If you're reading this after 7 a.m., these numbers may have changed. You can track the race at the Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections page, here. The Broward returns are here.

Should Lynch prevail, it will be thanks in large part to his strong showing in Broward, which occupies a smaller portion of the 19th Congressional District. The most recent numbers show that Budd edged Lynch in Palm Beach but that Lynch made up by scoring Broward votes by such a wide margin.


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