Easter Is a Time to Think About the Resurrection... of South Florida Sports

If your Easter, Passover, Ostara (or whatever other religious holiday you may celebrate in Sspring) was filled with candy, it still wasn't as sweet as the South Florida sports scene recently.

Yesterday, Dwyane Wade dropped a career-high 55 on the Knicks en route to securing the fifth seed on the East (which means playing Atlanta in the first round and not Cleveland, Orlando, or Boston) and the Marlins overcame 13 Johan Santana strikeouts to beat the Mets, making them 5-1 on the year. If the Fish aren't the best team in baseball this year, they are certainly for real. The fact that both great wins came against New York is like a delicious caramel surprise inside an already-tasty chocolate egg.

On Easter 2008, the Heat had already clinched the worst record in the NBA, the Dolphins were mulling over the first pick in the draft after the worst season in team history, and the Marlins had not yet begun to climb out of last place. What a difference a year of swirling recession makes. I credit some sort of chocolate Jesus for giving the professional athletes of South Florida this time of youth and rebirth and hope. 

Video of just how good Wade is after the jump.

D-Wade's 55 was just a point shy of Glen Rice's franchise record, set in April of 1995. It also means the second, third, and fourth highest single-player outputs in team history have come from Dwyane Wade in the past two months of this season. And it also makes the fact that he won't even be considered for this year's MVP all the more frustrating.


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Michael J. Mooney