Eating Cookies With Congressman Wexler

On Monday, Democratic Congresspersons Robert Wexler, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Ron Klein held a "dessert reception" to welcome folks to the inauguration. They walked from their offices in the Capitol:

directly across the lawn to the Library of Congress:

where attendees had to wait in line to go through a security checkpoint, and where a certain Florida state senator could be overheard grumbling that this was supposed to be a private reception with invited guests only, but Debbie Wasserman Schultz had sent an email inviting the approximately 80,000 people who receive her e-mail newsletter. Oops!

Well, it made for a packed house:

Inside the reception, Congressman Wexler schmoozed his way through a mostly adoring crowd, scooping up thanks from supporters who have been happy to see him publicly speaking out in support if Israel lately, in light of the conflict in Gaza.

Wexler gave New Times a quick reaction to the inauguration -- "couldn't be better!" -- and said that he and all Congressmen were meeting at 10 am and would be watching the swearing-in ceremony from the Capitol steps. 

Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz was too mobbed to catch, but The Great Inviter looked great. She straightened her hair for the occasion.

Ron Klein was around somewhere, but hard to find in the crowd full of people munching on some patriotic cookies...

so I hung out with these guys...

(l-r) Terrence Carlson of D.C. and three guys from South Florida who were fraternity brothers in Beta Theta Pi at FAU:  Ryan Carlson of Boca; Brian Ely, a Channel 10 cameraman; and Jason Friedman, a teacher at Coral Springs High School. They said they were having a wonderful time; that Barack Obama is "so positive" and "a rock star"; and that they read New Times, like all the cool people. Thanks for the cookies, Reps!

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