Editor: Sun-Sentinel On Crash Course With Pulitzer

In case you missed it, here's a comment from below. It's a beautiful thing. I'd be sure it was a hoax (c'mon, transformative change and a Pulitzer prediction in the same paragraph?) if it weren't for the earnestness. I'm 50-50 right now as to whether it came from a real Sun-Sentinel editor:

I'm an assistant editor at the Sun-Sentinel, and I love it here. I came here from a smaller paper, and they don't hold it against me. The bosses are great, we're embarking on a new information age with our transformative change, the senior editors are very intelligent and suppportive, we're much more creative than the Palm Beach Post and the reporting staff is very talented. I would be VERY surprised it we don't win a Pulitzer Prize here very soon.

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