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Election Mantra: Que Sera Sera

-- Ken Keechl, the outgoing Broward mayor, is getting some love on Facebook. Hey, it was good while it lasted.

-- Speaking of former elected officials, Stephanie Kraft continues to lurk. She was spotted at the election victory party in Coral Springs for several politicians including Ari Porth, new judge John Fry, and Kraft's successor Dave Thomas. Jeremy Ring was also there -- the brunt of the whole CS crew, really. She's also on Facebook but for some reason not getting so much love. 

Kraft commented on Broward Cleansweep's page about the showing of The Sound of Music at J.P. Taravella High School, where Kraft still serves as chairwoman of the drama booster club (hey, Taravella kids need role models too). It started with the broom telling folks to go to the show and say hello to Kraft for him. Soon, Kraft got into the act with a comment of her own and then, well, she got a taste of the kind of voter sentiment she rarely received when she was elected.

Inside read the back-and-forth.

JoJo Von Hohenzollern: Is she a stand in for the Nazi sympathizer Frau Schmidt, the housekeeper? :)  

Jay Blum: No. She is starting early on her community service hours. Just make sure to keep her away from the cash register. 

Lynnette Simon: lol

Stephanie Kraft: Performances are tonight, tomorrow and Saturday at 7 pm, Saturday matinee at 1 pm. Tickets $12 at the door. Come hungry as we will be selling pizza, hot dogs, frozen drinks, and snacks before the show and during intermission!

Lynnette Simon: I think she is handling the cash?

JoJo Von Hohenzollern: to above .. once a fake and a crook, ALWAYS a fake and a crook!

Christine Javier Chin: I just don't get how these people are so untouchable!

Stephanie Kraft: Sadly none of your friends came by tonight but I saw lots of my friends! Oh well, there's still tomorrow and Saturday. Remember it's for a good cause-- aren't you all supporters of the arts?

Jay Blum: Yes we are supporters of the arts.....we are simply not supporters of you. Maybe if you weren't there attendance would be higher.

JoJo Von Hohenzollern: Ms. Kraft, can you get more pathetic and lame? Never mind, don't answer, we already know you can ...

I really do believe Kraft is slightly unhinged, but then again that whole clique up there has always been a little whacked out. You got Kraft, Terese Nipon, Donna Korn, Jodi Klein, Latha Krishnaiyer, Jeanne Jusevic, etc. Maybe it's some kind of revenge for their past high school lives, because it's like Mean Girls only at age 50 and instead of running the halls in high school, they're trying to run the fifth-largest school district in the United States. You want to ignore them, but they've got a billion dollars of our money at their disposal.

-- The South Florida secession post was fun, but it was, alas, a joke, or as I put it in the post itself, an act of the imagination. C'mon, think of what we'd lose: Chokoloskee and the Ten Thousand Islands, Ybor City, Disney and Universal, Ocala horse country, and, horror of horrors, the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. On top of all that, our kids would have to pay out-of-state tuition at UF and FSU (ooh, more of us would have to seriously consider Nova). It really is amazing how the northern part of the state has dominated us, but maybe those gerrymandering referendums will help. For now, we just have to suck it up and try to make Florida better. Still I wonder: Is there any way to give Jacksonville to Georgia?

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