Election Notes

Some observations that will be updated as the night wears on. Again here's the results page for you to follow at home.

-- Sue Gunzburger, as expected, seems to be cruising to a victory over Steve Geller.

-- Jennifer Gottlieb is doing well, but the drama there is whether she can avoid a runoff. She's been right at 50 percent. But the opponent right now that looks to get in a runoff isn't our guy, Nick Sakhnovsky, but Susan Madori, who has 29 percent of the vote at this moment to Sakhnovsky's 21 percent. More on school board races next, but Ann Murray and Patti Good look good and it looks like Phyllis Hope and Laurie Rich Levinson in one runoff and Dave Thomas will be in a runoff with somebody. His three opponents are in a nail-biter for that second spot.

-- The so-called "Jewish Names" are getting skunked for the most part. The incumbents -- with names like Porter, Robinson, Gillespie, and Hurley -- are doing very well. So much for that theory. I'm going to share some analysis later from Broward political veteran Dan Lewis, who is having a very good night so far (he working on the campaigns of Porter and Gillespie).

-- Angelo Castillo (27 percent) is getting smoked by Barbara Sharief (58 percent) so far.

-- Judge Carlos Rebollo looks to be in for the longest night of his life in his race against Bob Nichols. Right now, with 313 of 779 precincts reporting, it's Rebollo with 35,688 and Nichols with 35,292. That's close folks.

More coming.


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