Embattled Stacy Ritter Back on the Fundraiser Trail

Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter may be in trouble with various authorities, but she's still the darling of the influence peddlers. 

​Lobbyists Bernie Friedman and Neil Schiller are holding a campaign kickoff fundraiser for Ritter at noon Wednesday at the Becker & Poliakoff legal and lobbying firm's office in Hollywood.  

Ritter is under criminal investigation by the State Attorney's Office and faces 28 election charges involving tens of thousands of apparently misspent dollars raised during her unnopposed campaign in 2008, much of it going to phone bills and lavish dinners for her and her lobbyist husband, Russ Klenet.

Inside, see how the lobbyists fawn over Ritter -- who this time faces a strong opponent in state Rep. and Broward prosecutor Ari Porth. 

In their invitation letter, Freidman and Schiller write: 

Commissioner STACY RITTER has served on the Commission since 2006 and has been a driving force behind some of Broward County's most important economic development projects. As Mayor, RITTER quarterbacked the push for a new Broward County Courthouse. She also championed the development of the new south runway, major expansion to Port Everglades, the construction of many new libraries and other critical infrastructure projects throughout the County. 

The lobbyists continue: 

Commissioner RITTER is a prolific campaigner and is already holding "Coffee with Stacy" events in her District. She understands all the social media technology and communicates regularly with her constituents on Facebook, You-Tube [sic], Twitter and email. She has always run grass roots campaigns and looks forward to walking door to door to meet voters. 

So I guess that means she won't be riding the golf cart given to her by dirty developers Bruce and Shawn Chait.

And let's see, if Ritter is the quarterback, who is the coach? Ohhh, right.

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