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Enjoy Your Coupon, Jaguar Killer

Who doesn't love jaguars? The big cat. The slick car. The NFL team you always forget is in Florida. But in these vicious economic times, you must choose between your love of jaguars and your desire to save money on Florida Crystals sugar.

Above, a freeze frame of the sugar giant's coupon website. Toggle the scale to the left and you can get 50-cent discount for yourself, provided you can bear the growl of the jaguar who resides in your conscience and who stands to lose those same 50 cents. Toggle to the right, and you the jaguar purrs with gratitude for your 50-cent donation to the Palm Beach Zoo's Jaguar Conservation Fund.

But now it's your stomach that's growling.

That's not the only catch. To realize your savings (or the jaguar's conservation) you have to give the company your email address and home address -- valuable pieces of information that can be sold to mass marketers. Plus, by printing and cashing in the coupon, you help Florida Crystals increase its share of the sugar market. With that, you can bet that whatever Florida Crystals spent for you and/or your sponsored jaguar, it collected more.

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