Some poetry is so good (or bad), it makes Tebow cry.EXPAND
Some poetry is so good (or bad), it makes Tebow cry.

Entries From the Tim Tebow Haiku Contest

It's true, after all the debate and speculation, Florida's favorite son and future governor, Tim Tebow, was drafted in the first round last night. He was the 25th overall selection, taken by the Denver Broncos.

Now the Denver Post is holding a Tim Tebow Haiku contest to see who can write the best 17-syllable poem about Saint Tim.

The winner of the contest will receive

an unspecified prize. (Smells like pride.) According to the paper's website, the contest ends today at 5 p.m. Mountain Tebow Time (that's 7 p.m. Eastern Tebow Time).

Here is the sample Haiku from the instructions:

Oh, Tim Tebow, you
Were our twenty-fifth draft pick.
Here is your haiku.

The Juice is no stranger to Haiku, so below are our three entries:

Don't cry, Tim Tebow
you're a first-round pick. Broncos
fans, you may cry now.

Not so accurate,
but at least you've got your god.
Have fun at tight end.

Half of Florida
just became new Broncos fans
Watch the jerseys sell.

Here are a few others, submitted to the Denver Post site:

He is a great guy
McDaniels new B.F.F.
But can he play ball?

Mile High Messiah
Built to win, It's Tebow Time
Patience Will be key

Tebow is thankful
Biblical eyeblack verses
Still legal in pros.

Mile High City
looks for next John Elway
but gets Next John the Baptist.

Quarterback This pick
twenty-five love him or hate him, might solve
Twelve years of losing

Tebow in Denver
Even Focus on the Fam
Will not make this work

Football crusader
Throwing and running the ball
Timothy Tebow

Legendary Lore
Leader Likened to Lincoln
Carpe Diem Tim

Tebow is a beast
He will prove everyone wrong
Bronco fan forever

The legend Tebow.
Josh loves him, McShay hates him.
Can he learn to throw?


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