Epstein's Angels

Okay, time for a little real Friday Pulp. You've prbably all read about Boca billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's penchant for young prostitutes. Everybody has by now. But, unless you live in New York or visit an NYCentric blog, you probably don't know the whole sordid story or seen photographs of the of-age women who play leading roles in the case.

First, we have Nadia Marcinkova, the Yugoslavian model who makes appearances in a few key pages of the Epstein affadavit -- which can be read in all its (in)glory here on the Smoking Gun website. In the report, Epstein is quoted as telling one of the prostitutes that she was Epstein's "sex slave." Nadia is the woman on the far left of the photograph. Here's an example of her work:

"[Redacted Victim's Name] stated during one visit to Epstein's house in which she provided a massage to Epstein, his female friend, Nada Marcinkova, was also present. [Redacted] provided the massage in which Marcinkova and her would fondle each others breasts and kiss for Epstein to enjoy. Towards the end of this massage, Epstein grabbed [redacted] and turned her over onto her stomach on the massage table and

forcible inserted his penis into her vagina. [Redacted] became upset over this. She said her head was being held against the table forcibly, as he continued to pump inside her. She screamed "No!" and Epstein stopped. She told him that she did not want to have his penis inside of her. Epstein did not ejaculate inside of her and apologized for his actions and subsequently paid her a thousand dollars for that visit. [Redacted] stated she knows he still displays her photographs throughout the house.

And there's this:

"[Redacted] advised that things escalated within the home as Epstein would instruct and pay [redacted] to have intercourse with his female friend, Nada Marcinkova. [Redacted] explained the intercourse included strap on dildos, large rubber penis' [sic] and other devices that Epstein had at his disposal. Epstein would watch them have intercourse and masturbate himself. Occasionally, Epstein would then join in during the female on female intercourse and provide oral sex to both [redacted] and Marcinkova. This occured during the time [redacted] was sixteen years of age."

And you wondered how the other half lived. Then there's Haley Robson, the 20-year-old Palm Beach Community College student, who answered to Kellen. She's the one who likened her job to Heidi Fleiss. She's pictured in the middle of the photograph, which was manipulated to include all three key women in the Epstein scandal.

And lastly, we have Sarah Kellen, Epstein's personal assistant. She comes across from the probable cause affadavit may be the worst of the bunch. And she never took off her clothes. It was Kellen who procured the 'tutes for Epstein, leading teenage girls to his creepy boudoir to engage in various. She comes across as the amoral little rich-guy leech she undoubtedly is.

And there you have it. Now we just have to decide who's going to play them in the movie version.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.