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Everett Wilkinson, South Florida Tea Party Chair, Says FEMA "Concentration Camps" Open in South Florida

In the wake of President Barack Obama's recent victory, the Federal Emergency Management Agency may soon open "concentration camps" -- some of which are in South Florida -- to detain anyone who disagrees with the government authority, Everett Wilkinson, chairman of South Florida's Tea Party, told New Times Thursday.

"There is not any time left to live in denial," he wrote in an email to supporters this morning. "Tyranny is at the gates. I have been receiving several reports that over 800 FEMA 'Concentration Camps' have become operational."

Some member of the conservative movement contend that, in cooperation with the United Nations, President Obama has orchestrated a nationwide network of camps to imprison political dissidents -- part of a larger scheme to enact global socialistic control that involves, among other things, taking America's guns.

Armed men in guard towers surveil these compounds, said Wilkinson, who leads more than 50,000 Tea Party members in South Florida and helped spark a nationwide political revolution that carried dozens of candidates from Marco Rubio to Allen West in the 2010 elections.

"I believe these camps are in South Florida," Wilkinson said. "The fact is that they're setting up detainment for any activist, and it's for anybody they don't like. They're out there, and it's a matter of public record."

Although the true existence of FEMA camps hasn't been verified -- and has come under prolific scrutiny as a conspiracy theory -- Wilkinson said he's not taking any chances.

He added: "It's scary to myself and a lot of Americans who love freedom and the Constitution."

Some of those displaced by Hurricane Sandy have been thrown inside a New Jersey camp without due process, he claimed.

Wilkinson advises vigilance for all true patriots, which he says involves stocking up on large quantities of beans and bullets, just in case we're confronted with a "worst case scenario." He said enemies of the United States, who wish to ignite something apocalyptic in the nation, hate "capitalism, God, and the constitution."

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