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Every Politician Is Gay Except Andy Martin

Surely, you veteran political observers of Palm Beach County remember ol' Andy Martin. He ran for governor and senator and dog-catcher while he was in Florida. More recently, Martin made waves on a national stage because he was the one political figure shameless enough to publicly peddle the rumor that Barack Obama is Muslim and that his birth certificate was phony.

Currently, Martin's getting attention for staging the nation's most rancorous senatorial campaign. Yesterday he held a press conference demanding that his opponent in the primary, Congressman Mark Kirk, respond to allegations that Kirk was part of the Republican Party's "persistent homosexual problem."

Among the other party leaders who are part of that "problem," according to Martin: Charlie Crist. I phoned Martin, but the connection was bad. The next call didn't go through. I'll post again if I'm able to reach him. (Video of Martin in full Obama investigatin' mode, after the jump.)

UPDATE / CORRECTION: A previous version of this post attributed the claim of Crist's being among a group of closeted gay Republican leaders to Congressman Kirk. That is a claim made by Martin. We've corrected the error.

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